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>>beginning thread [24 Dec 2003|10:35pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Ten'ou Haruka, the new gym teacher at the highschool and coincidentally Usagi's homeroom teacher, was, to say the least, startled when the girl ran in. But it was only Usagi, and her known foolishness explained everything.
Haruka smirked at her friend. "Neko-chan, you do know it's Sunday today, right?"

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New [24 Dec 2003|10:16pm]

Character name(s): Ten'ou Haruka
Age: 18
Appearance: Short blond hair, tall, boyish, way cute, etcetera
Personality: Ballsy, boyish, determined, harsh, cocky, blunt, way cool
History: Same as in the series
Powers (if any): World Shaking, Space Sword
Interests: playing piano, racing, running, girls, Michiru
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Beginning thread
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Beginning thread <attn: Usagi>
[06 Dec 2003|12:42am]

[ mood | rushed ]

Usagi ran down the hill, her legs tripping over each other. Suddenly she tumbled to the ground, skidding down the ground. She rubbed her face and started sobbing. This was the second time she had fallen today. In the morning she had rolled over in her bed and fallen to the floor. And then she realized that she had five minutes to race to school before she was late. Eventually she took in a deep breath, brushed off her skirt, and began rushing to school again. She dashed into the classroom, breathing deeply, and collapsed into her seat.

OOC: ok, not very good but I wanted to put something down. If you come up with something else you can start a new thread and I can let this one die...

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New Character [05 Dec 2003|09:35pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Character name(s): Tsukino Usagi/ Sailor Moon
Age: 16
Appearance: short, long yellow pigtails, blue eyes, you should know this...
Personality: cute, ditsy, childish
History: You should all basically know this... but I want this to be a quick example.
Usagi is living in Tokyo, Japan with her mom, dad, and little brother. She seems like a normal teenager, but she actually is a super hero, Sailor Moon! (you should write more if it's an unknown/little known/nonsailor moon character).
Powers (if any): sceptor, tiara, love
Interests: eating, sleeping, being lazy, video games

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